You can’t take the sky from me


“When you’re making a movie, you gotta amp it up, you gotta go to a greater scale and everything is gonna be a little grander, you hero is gonna be more ‘heroicaler’…. yes that’s a word….. now….”

Because Joss Whedon is such a brilliant – Brilliant! – script writer and director, I will forgive him this grammatical lapse.

I have only truly loved a very few television shows: Northern Exposure, Sports Night, West Wing, and Joss’ Firefly.

I can’t tell you how much I was emotionally destroyed by Serenity, the movie finale to the prematurely cancelled Firefly. It takes a special, insightful and charismatic writer to pull you in so deeply to what is, basically, a work of entertainment fiction.

And now he writes comic books – old style.

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A Readers’ Writer/A Writing Reader

“I swear I’m going upstairs to find some suitable sentences which I will be using from now on.” ~ Doris Lessing, on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature


Doris Lessing provides me hope: She never graduated from high school, but taught herself amazingly well by simply reading everything around her. I have always thought there should be some way in which my reading could morph into a sustaining career; Ms. Lessing points the way: write as much as you read.

And she has most certainly done that! I’m heading right over to Powell’s to buy a good chunk of her opus; I’ve been sick and am out of reading material.

What I also like about her is this:

1967 1973

1967                     1973

She goes from being timely to timeless. And always beautiful.

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“a vocabulary for the consolation of sorrowing children”

This is all that is on Michael Chabon’s website.

I think he is my favorite author. His writing is the kind that sucks you under, consumes you, and makes you stay up all night, reading straight through, knowing all the while that when you finish you’ll be bereft at the loss of the companionship of his novel. And each of his books are wonderfully different, there is no sense while reading one that “this is the same story this guy has told in his last 12 books.”

But even more, I admire him because of this:

He was asked to be in People’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” but said, “I don’t give a shit [about it]….I only take pride in things I’ve actually done myself. To be praised for something like that is just weird. It just felt like somebody calling and saying, ‘We want to put you in a magazine because the weather’s so nice where you live.'”



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