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“I abhor violence. When violence occurs, the cause is compromised.” ~ Anni Chung

She founded and heads Self-Help for the Elderly in San Francisco. And two days ago she was one of the Olympic torch bearers in that city. When asked if she, a Shanghai native, shared the concerns of the protesters in Paris and London who were speaking out against China’s violent put down of Tibetans calls for autonomy, the above was her reply.

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Only in Wyoming.

Only someone named H.L. Hix.hix.jpg

Only from Etruscan Press.

God Bless.

Currently professor of English at University of Wyoming – which must seem a breath of fresh air after a stint at Cleveland Institute of Art – he has an MA and PhD from UT-Austin, which naturally endears him to me.  For some reason, Austin has been my personal platonic ideal of higher education and culture.  Not that I have spent much time there, which, come to think of it, is probably why it remains an ideal, but that the music-food-intellect factor associated is stratospheric.

From the back cover:  “Yoiks, what a strange and unexpected book God Bless is.  I feel my head turning all the way around like the girl in The Exorcist, and I feel a combination of stomach sickness and vertigo.”

Doesn’t that make you want to run right out and get a copy to curl up with on the sofa with a blanket, cat, glass of wine??

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“Thanks for the opportunity, Jon!”


In days when I find politicians on both sides of the aisle to be egocentric commitment-phobes, it is truly wonderful to find an elected representative who is not only on the correct side of all the issues, but also articulate, savvy and poised. These qualities are all condensed into Representative Sondy Pope-Roberts.

I don’t know if you can read her button, but it says “The People’s Legislature: Fighting Bob Fest.” Fighting Bob being Bob LaFollette, of course, Wisconsin’s home grown leader of the Progressive Movement.

She is a member of Wisconsin for Edwards – so she can clearly see the differences among our presidential aspirants and recognizes a candidate who holds actual stands on issues.Conservation Lobby Day 2004

She gets 100% on every Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters scorecard.

She’s the daughter of dairy farmers. She attended MATC and Edgewood College – Daniel has taught at both and at the UW-Madison, and sees far more engaged and interesting students at the first two than at the latter.

And today I watched her sit patiently for an hour listening to blowhard GOPers ask the most self-serving, inane questions without any bearing on the resolution she was presenting for a vote, and respond calmly and with a quick wit to their harrumphings.

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