Ms. A


 When my daughter started kindergarten, her school’s principal was this tall woman who strode around the playground in the most excellent shoes – always high heels – and wonderfully stylish clothes. Her hair was always done as was her makeup. It didn’t matter if it was the middle of a Wisconsin winter, winds howling, snow and ice all over the ground, she’d be out mingling with the kids in the morning in her completely impractical heels and no coat. The kids would swarm her, desperate for her attention: “Ms. A!! Ms. A!”

Sue Abplanalp, PhD., had led our elementary school out of the doldrums with low test scores and unmotivated staff into a period of renaissance. She secured amazing amounts of federal funding for staff development and then instituted a school-wide, staff driven, integrated curriculum. Lowell won awards.

Then, of course, she was promoted. First to Elementary Lead Principal and then to Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Schools. She’s now on the short list to replace our retiring Superintendent.

Ms. A: “I guess the most important thing I can do is to be an advocate by voicing my opinion, modeling, and letting teachers know about best practices, by continuing to ask the same question when I’m not sure about what to do: is this in the best interest of the child.”

All while looking smashing!

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