Sticks and stones


I need to learn how to wear lipstick. I know, seems counter to my argument against superficiality promotion, but these professorial women do it so well, if I aspire to their stature, I’ll need to be able to look good in photos as well.

The wrinkles and divots of age make a face look believable, approachable, wise. I doubt anyone would look at Nicole Kidman and consider her a font of sagacity. A font of botoxicity perhaps.

Deborah Tannen is elegantly able to step back from the emotion with which any conversation is imbued, and present a clear understanding of how that emotion colors bothspeaking and hearing.

Her reconstruction of dialogue reminds me of the beautiful poetry of language created by the wonderful women of Wisconsin Wetlands. They are advocating the adoption of “I’m totally paved over” to replace “I’m swamped” as indicating a overly scheduled life, to remove the negative stigma associated with the word “swamp” and rightly associate acres of asphalt with workload angst.

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